Airbrush Technique

You will need some large sheets of paper, water based airbrush ink, air supply and a double action airbrush.

Step 1.  

You will need to learn the finger movements of the trigger. Begin by pressing down on the trigger to admit air, then by continuing to hold the trigger down slowly pull the trigger back. Notice how the paint is being sprayed onto the paper. Slowly increase movement untill the trigger cannot go back any further. Now you want to reverse to process, very slowly move the lever back to the forward position untill no more paint is being sprayed onto the paper.There should be only air coming out. Then release the trigger until the air stops.                                                                                               

Practice these steps untill it becomes a smooth process. Observe the different spray patterns made with different degrees of pressure. If the spray is too strong reduce the air pressure on the regulator of your comressor or air tank (whatever you are using) If the spray is too weak, increase the air pressure.

If the paint on your paper is very wet and possibly dripping you are pulling the trigger back too far, releasing to much fluid. If there is hardly any paint going onto your paper then you are not pulling the trigger back far enough, thus not allowing enough fluid to be released

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Step 2.

Now you will learn to paint straight lines without forming dots at the begining and end of each stroke.

Practice working from left to right holding the airbrush with both hands. Start moving the airbrush only applying paint after begining the movement from left to right. Stop paint flow near end of line and continue to move furthur to the right extending the line with what paint is left.

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