body painting step by step - bird and flower tattoo design

bird and flower tattoo
Discover how to paint this very effective bird and flower tattoo design using our adhesive airbrush temporary tattoo stencils and body paints. With a bit of practice you too can create amazing body art like this.

For this demonstration we have used:

temporary tattoo body paint  - Black, White, Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Green, Fluoro Blue, Fluoro Magenta, Fluoro Violet

bird and flower tattoo  

Step 1.

Firstly clean and sterilize the skin with Iso-Propanol Alcohol using a makeup pad or paper towel to remove all of the dirt and oils. Then thoroughly dry the area. This step is essential in maintaining the life of the adhesive on your stencils.

bird and flower tattoo  

Step 2.

Apply your stencil and press down firmly.

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