Maintenance of Equipment
Your Airbrush:

If you want your airbrush to last a very long time you must clean it thoroughly after every single use.

Blockages are the biggest problem when using an airbrush that hasn't been cleaned properly.

Always empty paint out if you are not going to use your airbrush for relatively long periods of time and spray water or solvent cleaner depending on what paints you are using (water or solvent based) through your airbrush untill no more colour can be seen.

Different brand airbrushes have different ways of dismantling for complete cleaning. Refer to instruction booklet that came with your airbrush when you purchased it.


Please Note: Never completely emerge your aibrush in solvent based cleaners as you will damgae the tiny seals inside the airbrush.


Your Compressor:

Switch off when not in use. With oil filled compressors check oil levels before using. Drain moisture trap and tank regularly. It's best to do this before each use.Check Manufacturers advice on oil type for your compressor.

Oiless compressors: drain moisture trap and tank before every use.

Light Industrial: Drain moisture trap and tank before every use. Depending if oiless or oil filled check oil levels before use if required.