Choosing the Right Airbrush
There are many different types of airbrushes available which vary in price according to brand names and versatility.

A great all round airbrush for multi use purposes has an internal mix, is suction or gravity fed and is a dual action. Made from Brass with teflon seals and has affordable accessible spare parts. But saying that there are many variations when choosing an airbrush for applying temporary tattoos. It is not necessary to have an airbrush that is the top of the range

Internal Mix Airbrush: Where the fluid and the air is mixed and atomised inside the tip of the airbrush.

These airbrushes are used to achieve fine lines and detailed work they are ideal for adding detail to your temporary tattoos such as highlights.

External Mix Aibrush:

Where the fluid and the air is mixed and atomised outside of the tip of the airbrush.

These type of airbrushes are not suitable for applying temporary tattoos, as they are used mainly by hobbysts for coating work which doesn't require fine lines and detailed work. Therefore the user has limited control. They are a very cheap setup.

Single Action Airbrush:

This is regarding the action of the trigger. A single action airbrush controls the air only by pushing down on the trigger. They are available as an external or internal mix.

With the external mix you adjust the flow of fluid by turning the tip at the front of the airbrush.

With the internal mix you adjust the flow of the fluid by turning the knob at the back end of the airbrush.

Double Action Airbrush:

A double action airbrush controls the air and the fluid.

By pushing down on the trigger controls the air and by pulling the trigger back you control the flow of the fluid.

Suction Feed Aibrush:

This is regarding the position of the storage container for the fluid (paint) A suction fed airbrush has the container attatched to the bottom (underneath the airbrush) which is detatchable and can be ideal when using several different colours.

Gravity Feed Aibrush:

This is where the container is positioned to the top or the side of the airbrush and the fluid is fed into the airbrush by gravity.

This allows you to run the airbrush with a lower air pressure than the suction fed airbrush and is designed for doing more detailed work using fine lines although you can also do coating work as well.