Choosing the right airbrush stencils

You will require some good quality airbrush stencils to apply your tattoo designs. You need to look at tattoo designs that you think would be popular with a range of age groups of both genders approx. 5 - 30yr olds as these will be your most popular customer.

 There are a few different types of airbrush stencils available on the market which vary in price and design.

Adhesive Airbrush Stencils:

The benefit of using adhesive airbrush stencils is that you have two free hands to apply more detail to your temporary tattoos with little to no mess at all.

Adhesive airbrush stencils also give much cleaner and sharper lines with no bleeding under the stencil.

With a background in real tattooing and a natural skill for airbrushing and custom painting Stuart Vimpani a multi award winning artist has designed our range of  airbrush stencils that look extremely realistic! In fact we get many people asking permission to use one of our tattoo designs for a real tattoo after getting a temporary tattoo applied because they liked  the design so much!

You are guaranteed to receive many compliments from your customers when using our airbrush stencils.

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Non Adhesive Airbrush Stencils: (Also known as mylar or plastic stencils)

The main benefit of these type of stencils is that they last longer than the adhesive type, however you need to be allot more experienced

to use them effectively. You are also limited to using one color as you have to hold the stencil on as you paint it and they can get very messy.

The other problem is that you often get the paint bleeding underneath the stencil and shadow lines when the customer moves as you are applying the tattoo.

We have often looked at producing these type of airbrush stencils however we are not willing to comprimise the high detail of our designs to make them work effectively.


Temporary Tattoo Transfers:

Another alternative is tattoo transfers which are only the outline of the tattoo design that you transfer onto the skin. You then handpaint the detail in with a paint brush. You need to be a bit more skilled to do these type of temporary tattoos and they take alot more time to apply.