Air Hoses

Braided: These are a good alternative to use when choosing an air hose.


Coiled :  These hoses have disadvantages such as tangling and can act as a spring and cause your airbrush to be pulled off the table. The only advantage is that they're inexpensive.


straight Plastic: A great alternative works effectively and is inexpensive.


Spare Parts For Airbrushes:

The cost for spare parts can vary dramatically depending on which brand of airbrush you own. This is something you need to look at when considering purchasing a certain brand of airbrush.



A manifold is what your air hoses plug into and attatches to your air supply.

They come in multiples of how many airbrushes you will be running at any one time for eg: if you had 2 airbrushes running then you would need a two way manifold.


Regulator Filter:

A regulator is what you use to regulate the air pressure on your air supply. The filter filters the moisture from your air lines. You can purchase them as one unit or they also come as seperate units. The best ones are the ones with a regulator and a gauge with a moisture trap.