Troubleshooting Tips
If you are taking a break for say a quarter of an hour or so you can leave your airbrush connected to the hose resting on an airbrush holder. Never leave your airbrush lying on your work table while it is attatched to the air hose as it can fall off onto the ground and damage the fine parts.


The Paint is Splattering:

  • There is not enough paint in the pot
  • the position of the gun is too inclined
  • the passage for the fluid is blocked up with paint

There are a couple of ways to unblock it. Firstly check if tiny hole in fluid container cap is unblocked. Try cleaning the air cap this usually gets a build up of paint quite often especially when using temporary tattoo paints. After unscrewing the aircap with a clean cloth gently clean the tip of the needle, you can usually see paint build up here also.

After carrying out these two steps test to see if the problem has been rectified. If still splattering apply high air pressure facing onto a rag ( by pushing down on the trigger and all the way back at the same time) If the problem persists check paint viscosity. The paint you are using may need thinning, if using Airbrush body paint thin with a little Isopropyl Alcohol.

If you are still having problems you may need to do a complete pull down and proper clean of the airbrush. (Never completely emerge your aibrush in solvent based cleaners as you will damage the tiny seals inside the airbrush.)