About Us

How we started.


We have been airbrushing commercially since 1995 applying custom paint to cars, bikes, boats etc. Stuart Vimpani the artist has received many top awards throughout Australia for his airbrush work and many of the cars and choppers he has painted have become show winners.


To see some of his work go to www.artistikcreations.com.au


For the past 7 years we have been running airbrush workshops for people interested in getting into the art of airbrushing and many of our graduates have now become self employed as commissioned airbrush artists.  Whether it be automotive airbrushing or painting t-shirts, caps and temporary tattoos.


Before airbrushed tattoos were even heard of we were commissioned by the local community center to demonstrate the art of airbrushing to a group of young graffiti artists, mainly to give them other avenues to use their art skills on. So we took along some stencils and applied tattoos on the kids just for a bit of fun. It was so popular they invited us back on a regular basis! This led to tattoo jobs at other community centers and so on.


We began manufacturing our own designs into a line of adhesive airbrush stencils for our own personal use. With such an overwhelming response to our realistic looking tattoo designs we decided to make them available to everyone.


At the time there was also a demand for special body art paint that was non toxic and also long lasting on the skin. So we partnered with the only manufacturer in the world who solely specializes in cosmetic grade body art paint who had been supplying the special effects Movie industry with 'A' grade quality body paint for years. Movies such as "Lord Of The Rings", "House of Wax" and "Narnia" just to name a few.


We have been supplying our products  and providing support to our customers from all over the world for the past 10 years now. We have provided many people the opportunity to produce an income with a relatively low outlay and huge profit potential doing something that is fun and easy.