Marketing Tips

Marketing in any enterprise that you begin is the most important factor that you have to take the time to plan and put into place.

So marketing your airbrush tattoo body art business is no different.

There are many places you can begin with your airbrush temporary tattoo business you just have to brain storm and you will come up with an endles list of venues that would be appropriate.

Here's a few just to give you some ideas; School Fetes, Markets, Fares, Carnivals, Night Clubs, Childrens Disco's, Youth Days, Corporate Events, Music Festivals, Car and bike shows, Car racing events, Sporting events, Skate Parks. etc. etc.and the list goes on............

Basically anywhere there are large crowds you will do well with this.

Getting yourself in a permanent venue is ideal as further down the track you can get someone else to take it over and then set yourself up again at another venue. . By doing this you are duplicating your time.

A great way to get started is to list your airbrush tattoo body art business with an event company and they will usually charge you out on a per hour basis. An event company will usually hire you out at around $150 per hour so you will need to allow some margin for them to make a profit.

Another idea is to contact your local council and ask to speak with the youth officer in the community services department and let them know about your airbrush tattoo body art business. If they have any youth days coming up they have your details and they will contact you. They are always looking for unique ways to entertain the kids at community run events.

Business cards are a must if you want to build up a referal based business. When attending events it's a good opportunity to promote yourself to the other guests.

You also need to get a good banner to hang at your stall. Something that's really colorful to draw people over to you.